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Span Chart for Steel Lintels (Single Storey)

90mm Wide Brickwork


110mm Wide Brickwork

Opening Span Lintel Size Opening Span Lintel Size
Up to 1500 75x75x6mm Angle Up to 2200 90x90x8mm Angle
Up to 1800 75x75x8mm Angle Up to 2600 100x100x8mm Angle
Up to 2200 90x90x8mm Angle Up to 3500 150x90x8mm Angle
Up to 1800 100x75x6mm Angle Up to 3900 150x100x10mm Angle
Up to 2400 100x75x8mm Angle NOTE: These span charts are to be used strictly as a guide only.
Up to 2700 100x100x8mm Angle
Up to 2400 125x75x6mm Angle
Up to 3000 125x75x8mm Angle
Up to 3600 150x90x8mm Angle
Up to 4000 150x100x10mm Angle

Steel Lintels in Perth

Steel lintels are load-bearing components designed to support a structure above an opening. Steel lintels in Perth can be in the form of angles, t-bars, beams or RHS members. Steel lintels can serve a number of roles from simply supporting brickwork over an opening, to having outrigger connections for awnings. Steel lintels are predominantly flat horizontal steel sections however steel lintels can also be arched or cranked to suit a variety of architectural designs.

In many occasions, steel lintels are required to interact with other construction materials. It is not uncommon for steel lintels to be mitred and welded around support columns or to have end plates and be bolted to concrete slabs. Steel lintels are able to have holes cut to suit rainwater downpipes or notches undertaken to allow for services to pass.

Steel lintels vary in size depending on two factors; the size of the opening which is being spanned and the size of the brickwork which is being supported above. As brickwork construction can be undertaken in so many different forms such as single skin, cavities, concrete filled or block work, steel lintels need to be supplied to suit specific needs. Steel lintel sizing can be determined from standard span charts or as specified within engineering design.

Steel lintels Perth are subjected to environmental elements which could lead to corrosion and as such steel lintels require corrosion protection to be applied before being installed. The two most common forms of protection are hot dipped galvanising and two pack epoxy paint treatment. In all cases when steel lintels are to be hot dipped galvanised, the minimum coating thickness provided is 600gsm. The process undertaken with the two pack epoxy treatment of steel lintels is hot dip galvanise to 600gsm, abrade with industrial grade paper, 100 microns of epoxy phosphate primer followed by 100 microns of epoxy micaceous iron oxide.

Steel lintels can also be used to assist in meeting the required specifications for roof tie down. Slots can be place in the up-stand of the steel lintel which allows for a hoop iron strap to pass through and subsequently connect to the roof structure. This method of connection between the roof structure and steel lintels encompassed within the brickwork ensures that the roof construction is able to withstand high winds.

Throughout the entire fabrication process of all steel lintels, Metwest Steel has real-time tracking to show at exactly what stage in the delivery process an order is at. This enables quality service to ensure that all steel lintel requirements are provided as per original request.

Steel lintels are delivered to site and unloaded via our hiab trucks. Once delivered on-site we obtain several “Proof of Delivery” photos which enables comprehensive tracking for the builder. All steel lintels are individually marked to show the room locations for ease of installation by bricklayers.

Metwest Steel have experienced structural steel estimators capable of undertaking full steel lintel take-offs. Steel lintel supply is a niche market which Metwest Steel has specialised in over many years to ensure that we can confidently cater for all steel lintel requirements.
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