Are You Using Steel Lintels? What Are You Waiting For?

Steel Lintels Perth
Steel Lintels Perth

When putting up your house, you need a wide variety of materials for you to see successful completion of the project. One of the major components of such a structure is the lintel. This is the part that sits over the space between the upright window and door frames. Lintels come in various designs and materials. Steel lintels have become widely popular due to the benefits that they offer. So, why should you choose these lintels over others?

Lintels made from steel are light in weight as compared to lintels made from concrete. This means that they do not require lifting gear for them to be fixed. The light weight characteristic should not fool you to think that they cannot sustain the weight of the structure: as a matter of fact, they hold up pretty well because they have been reinforced. The weight makes the steel easy to dismantle as well contributing to site safety.

Versatility – Steel Lintels Perth

Steel LintelsThese lintels come in various sizes, widths, lengths, and strengths. This makes them ideal for a number of structures. If you are not happy with the types that have been designed, you can call for custom-made lintels according to your specifications. The various varieties can cater for corner, arched, bay, and other lintel styles. If you desire custom made styles, the contractor has to come to the site of construction and see what is needed then design a suitable one for you.

Aesthetic Appeal – Perth Steel Lintels

Lintels are supposed to add to the aesthetic appeal of the building they are used in. They are not supposed to stick out like a sore thumb. This is what makes these lintels ideal for construction. These lintels are not visible at all above the openings and will not affect the aesthetic nature of the brickwork used. The lintels also allow the contractor to place brickwork over any opening without creating an arch-effect.

Stability – Steel Lintels Perth

There is no use to place a lintel over a space which ends up collapsing later on. The strength of steel lintels makes them add necessary stability to your building. The steel is rigid which means you are assured that it will hold the materials placed on top of it. Some of the lintels use a damp-proof course that makes sure no moisture destroys the surrounding materials.

Eco Friendly – Perth Steel Lintels

Steel is fully recyclable, which means that it can be recycled over and over again without losing its features or its performance. This means that when you use lintels manufactured from steel, you are adding to the sustainability of the environment.

Steel Lintels are Easy to Handle

When fixing lintels, you have several options to consider. You can pick lintels made from wood, concrete, or steel. If you are looking for aesthetic appeal, stability, versatility, and ease of handling, then steel lintels are your best option.

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